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    Main Actitivites of Confucius Institute
    Cofucius Insitute, Kazan Federal University


    Confucius Institute

    Cofucius Insitute, Kazan Federal University

    Confucius    Institute at Kazan Federal University in Russia is of international    significance, co-established by Hunan Normal University in China and Kazan    Federal University. In May 30, 2007, On April 24, 2007, the Chinese Embassy    in Russia and KFU signed a cooperative agreement on co-establishing a    Confucius Institute at Kazan Federal University. May 30 witnessed the    foundation of the institute, which started operation in September.
       Professor Zaynullin Jamil Gabdulkhakovich is the Russian dean, and    Professor Li Lanyi is the Chinese dean.
       Thanks to the joint effort of Hanban, Kazan Federal University, and Hunan    Normal University, the operation of Confucius Institute has got on the    right track; the efficiency of schooling has increased and the    characteristics have shown out; it has gradually grown into an important    platform where people in Kazan get to learn Chinese and Chinese culture.


    Activities of    Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University

    1. Teaching

       Students in the Confucius Institute having the Paper Cut class

       Chinese Language Teaching Internship for Chinese Language major students

       Culture Class at No. 18 Middle School in Kazan city


    2. Culture    Exchange

       On The first Art Performance Delegation from HNU in Kazan,2010

       In the summer of 2011, 22 students from Kazan Federal University to attend    the Confucius Institute Summer Camp

       The Second "China and Hunan, a Culture Trip" Summer Camp at HNU


    3. International    Meeting

       HNU Vice President Jiang Jicheng and Vice Rector of KFU attended the 2011    Academic Annual Meeting

       Vice President Kuang Leman and Rector of KFU meet each other on the 2012    Academic Annual Meeting


    4. Chinese    language competition

       New Year's Celebration

       Student from Kazan won the first Prize of Chinese Language Bridge    Competition

       Student from Kazan get Scholarship from Hanban



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